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Archive | Website Development

Mobile responsive – are you ready?

Google has put down the gauntlet – its telling everyone that if your website doesn’t have a mobile responsive design […]

Cookie Law now in effect – have you updated your site?

The cookies deadline has been and gone – are you compliant – and what does it all means? Some details on how it would effect you as a website owner.

HTML 5 – coming to a website near you

HTML 5 what is it – what it does and what does it mean for you? Warning you might want to be a geek to be interested in this post!

Share All – Google Analytics

Following on from my Cookies post, researching the cookies that Google Analytics places on your computer

Cookies – deadline fast approaching

Some of you might be aware that a new piece of legislation is being introduced (and enforced) on the 26th May 2012. Which basically states that ANY site using Cookies must give the user the right to DECLINE those cookies.

SCAM: Slom Solutions Limited /

Keep an eye on this latest Scam Slom Solutions Limited / If you get contacted I suggest that you ignore and file in B for BIN

Back ups.. do you do them

So do YOU back up? How often? Basically if you don’t back up then if something does happen to you – emails, images, photos or website – how would you get it back!? Its a scary thing when your internet goes down – imagine how scary if your computer breaks down..

How does your website look in other browsers?

Its always a big task for any web designer to ensure that the website that you have created – actually works and perform and displays the same across a variety of browsers and applications.

So without having them all – how is this possible!

Is your website slow?

Is your website slow?
Do the images take a long time to load?
Do you get bored waiting for the content to display?

Flashing adverts

Its a personal bug bear to me – that when I am trying to read a website I am constantly distracted by an advert – that is flashing and catching my eye.
If that is your advert – do you think GREAT its catching your eye?
Or do we then think – would anyone buy from an advert that annoyed them?

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